"If there’s a world here in a hundred years, it’s going to be saved by tens of millions of little things. The powers-that-be can break up any big thing they want. They can corrupt it or co-opt it from the inside, or they can attack it from the outside. But what are they going to do about 10 million little things? They break up two of them, and three more like them spring up!"
- Pete Seeger, in YES! Magazine

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ranch Chores - plenty of deeds to be done

We're in Nebraska this week on a ranch. There are PLENTY of opportunities to help out. While many are repeated daily, I'll detail them one at a time over the next few days.

The project:
Milk the goats.

Nearly an hour. (We're not particularly proficient.)

Why bother?
Our hostess has a host of medical problems, not the least of those which cause her constant back pain. She does a lot of chores every day, and milking isn't exactly spine-friendly. The girls enjoy this chore, and we all benefit from the product.

Worth it?
Absolutely! The girls love the chore, and our hostess is always amused at how quickly our family jumps in to help with what has become mundane to her. Plus, there's really nothing like fresh goat's milk. (If you've had goat's milk from the store, don't give up! There IS better milk out there! Find your local goat herd and give it a try!)

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