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- Pete Seeger, in YES! Magazine

Monday, January 26, 2009

Donate old glasses - prescription and NON-prescription alike

It seems we're in cleaning mode around here. I found a pair of my old glasses in my desk, and I knew I had some others around the house. Recently a friend asked me to donate hers as she rushed out of the country with her family to serve on a mission. I figured I'd add ours to the cause.

The project:
Hunt down unused glasses hiding in various drawers and boxes throughout the house. Donate them to the Lions Club Sight Program where they will be assessed, cleaned, repaired then redistributed to people in developing nations.

10 minutes to search - we'll make the drop tomorrow morning during our errand run

Why bother?
I can't see very well without my glasses. It's tough to imagine getting along without them. I'd certainly be limited in my activities! So if the glasses my eyes have (sadly) adjusted away from can help someone else, WONDERFUL!

Worth it?
Yes, without a doubt.

Lions Club has a long history of providing sight services. I remember when our local Lions Club brought their vision wagon to our school to provide all children with a checkup. They distribute eyeglasses to people in developing nations where vision care isn't high on list of services available. Many doctors, eyeglass centers and other retailers provide drop boxes, as do local Lion's Clubs and their partners. Learn more about the Lions Club program and find your local drop box here.

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