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- Pete Seeger, in YES! Magazine

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trash on Vacation - And Home Improvement for Our Hostess

The project:
Picking up trash and clothes in the kids' play area & a home improvement for our hostess.

Negligible for trash. 20 minutes for home improvement project.

Why bother?
It's amazing. No matter where we go, we seem to find no lack of trash to pick up. Why is that? Anyone have a theory?

This community has a wonderful little playground. As with all parks, kids leave their clothes behind (jackets, shoes, whatever). But unlike other parks, kids can return HOURS sometimes even DAYS later and still find their stuff available.

We were the last to leave today, so we collected remaining trash and put it in the garbage can, then gathered up the leftover clothes and hung them in the unofficial designated space.

The home improvement project involved closet organization. While our hostess was at work, I worked on the drilling and hardware installation for a closet project with which she'd hoped to surprise HER daughter. I decided to surprise our HOSTESS by getting it done while SHE was at work. :)

Worth it?
In this town, most everyone contributes to everything. The park was built by locals, and much of the maintenance is picked up by locals. We like to pretend we're local. ;)

On the home improvement angle - my hostess was very pleased.

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