"If there’s a world here in a hundred years, it’s going to be saved by tens of millions of little things. The powers-that-be can break up any big thing they want. They can corrupt it or co-opt it from the inside, or they can attack it from the outside. But what are they going to do about 10 million little things? They break up two of them, and three more like them spring up!"
- Pete Seeger, in YES! Magazine

Friday, April 3, 2009

Feeding the Community

The project:
Serve dinner for all comers.

3 hours

Why bother?
Our local police officers associations had worked with various local businesses to put together a community dinner, free for the taking. (Last year they served 650 meals before they ran out. No total on tonight's feed yet.)

Their wonderful BBQ master, Al Torres, made some of his fantastic chicken. There was fish for the Fish Friday folk, plus beans, bread, strawberries, broccoli, salad and a cookie. But all good BBQs need help in the kitchen. The girls had their first taste of handing food over to anyone who asked. (My job? Melting butter. Yep.)

Worth it?
Yes! The girls had been serving for about 90 minutes when Mr. B and I asked if they wanted to take their own dinner break. They both enthusiastically sang, "No!" They were really into it. This will definitely be one of those deeds to repeat!

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