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- Pete Seeger, in YES! Magazine

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pajama Program - It's a Wrap

The project:
Pick up PJs and books from neighborhood drive project for the Pajama Program.

45 minutes

Why bother?
Last week we put out 200 fliers promoting this drive (ala Scouting Canned Food Drive). Today was the follow up.

Worth it?
Well, how do I answer this?

I'm disappointed, and educated.

Of the 200 homes we canvased, just two put out PJs/Books for this program. I'm super disappointed because, though these may be tough economic times for some, a pair of infant PJs can be had at the local megastore for the same price as a latte at various coffee hangouts. Thrown in the price of a muffin and you're up to a pair of PJs for toddlers.

Today's haul (including our own contributions): 7 pairs of PJs, 14 books and half a dozen stuffed animals.

I know...not everyone shares our values, but 1 percent response?


To be fair, I confess I seldom put out canned food for the Scouts' canned food drive when they come through our neighborhood for the MERE reason that we take our food to the Food Bank ourselves. You can be sure that, come next Scout drive, we'll be putting SOMETHING out.

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