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- Pete Seeger, in YES! Magazine

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cheer for a Cheerleader

The project:
I always thought going to the gym was a funny concept. It's not like we can't find other ways to exercise. I mean, come on! Pay for P.E.!? We can get exercise on our own, thank you very much.

Turns out - I won't. I can, but I won't. I need a coach. I need a cheerleader, a yeller, a supporter, a training partner. I need the gym.

This week marks the end of my first month as a gym member. I've tested a variety of classes that fit our family schedule (so...a narrow window) and found some incredibly positive, energetic folks leading the way.

Today, after depositing more than my fair share of sweat and salt, nearly losing my lunch entirely, and being OH so tempted to drop out of the cycling class mid-cycle, I offered up a loud "Thanks" and cheer for our inspiring instructor. The rest of the class answered with claps and whoops of their own.


Why bother?
Somehow, while sweating and spinning and keeping her own body moving, our instructor manages to shout words of encouragement to the class. I, for one, would walk out earlier if I didn't have her there watching, pushing, encouraging and reminding us why we're all there - for our own good, because we WANT to be healthier, because it feels good (when it's over).

I hadn't heard much cheering for HER, so I thought I'd return the favor and was pleasantly surprised to have the class join in.

Worth it?
She seemed surprised, and her smile was totally worth it. If our support of her keeps her teaching, so much the better for ALL involved.

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  1. There has never been a teacher or coach who wasn't surprised and encouraged by an unexpected thank you. Find your elementary teachers and send them a card. You are young enough to be able to track most of them down. I waited almost too long to do that.


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