"If there’s a world here in a hundred years, it’s going to be saved by tens of millions of little things. The powers-that-be can break up any big thing they want. They can corrupt it or co-opt it from the inside, or they can attack it from the outside. But what are they going to do about 10 million little things? They break up two of them, and three more like them spring up!"
- Pete Seeger, in YES! Magazine

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Yes - we're still on the road (in Utah). Here's today's secret deed for our host family.

The project:
Clean out the dog's splash pool and refill it during the irrigation turn.

15 minutes.

Why bother?
It was hot, the kids were busily playing on the flooded lawn and floating things down the irrigation channel, and the dog's pool was in need of some elbow grease. I dumped it, scrubbed it, then waded in the channel while filling the pitcher (over and over again) to deliver for pool refill.

Worth it?
Yes! Chore done. Happy dog. Thankful hosts. And refreshingly cool.

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