"If there’s a world here in a hundred years, it’s going to be saved by tens of millions of little things. The powers-that-be can break up any big thing they want. They can corrupt it or co-opt it from the inside, or they can attack it from the outside. But what are they going to do about 10 million little things? They break up two of them, and three more like them spring up!"
- Pete Seeger, in YES! Magazine

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Clean Out Garage - And Donate to Thrift Store

The project:
Help Mom clean out her garage, and deliver a station wagon load of kitchen goodies (accessories, dishes, pots, pans, appliances - you name it) to the local thrift shop that benefits a food program on the Long Beach Peninsula (Washington).

Couple of hours - no watch today. But it took us quite awhile to sort, box & load. Only a few minutes to unload thanks to the help of the thrift store clerks who lent a hand.

Why bother?
A few years ago there was this garage sale/rummage sale. A few households were involved, but ultimately the leftovers were pulled into Mom's garage where they remained, gathering dust but otherwise untouched, until this trip. It was time to begin reclaiming the garage, and putting these goods to use somewhere else.

Worth it?
Yes - I love a big project, and it was great to see such a great dent made in the garage cleanup, PLUS deliver the goods to a shop that will ultimately help provide meals to those in need in the area.

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