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- Pete Seeger, in YES! Magazine

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Commiserate with Crash Victim

The project:
Hear out the owner of a beautifully restored vintage VW Bug after it was totaled in an accident.

This accident occurred just outside our grocery store's parking lot shortly before we arrived. The tow truck and police were already on scene, and all the parties were sitting on the grocery store's wall and were unscathed. The silver VW Bug was not. It had been a beautiful thing, and it was clearly not going to be repairable - the passenger's side was completely caved in and the floor had buckled down to the ground. The girls and I took some time out to hear out the Bug owner - it had been his pride and joy. He was trying to come to terms with its loss as they cranked it up onto the flatbed tow truck to haul it away.

10 minutes or so

Why bother?
Everyone looked physically fine, but the poor guy and his kid were just sitting there staring at the car. I have SOME idea what kind of work goes into building a car, the blood (literally), sweat, cash, tears, hours and energy. I felt SO bad for him.

Worth it?
I suppose. He seemed like he needed to talk about the car (not the accident) and ponder his options aloud.

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