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- Pete Seeger, in YES! Magazine

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Write Letter of Commendation for Great Service

The project:
Find out who's in charge and write a letter of thanks for an employee who provided exceptional customer service.

20 minutes to research, write and send.

Why bother?
Perhaps it was merely the contrast between today's service at Ragged Point Inn and recent service I've received from: a state park's docent; my local (and now former) mechanic; just far too many employees these days. Maybe the service was just standard, but I was impressed.

It was just a stop for lunch, at the outdoor snack bar. Our interactions were brief. There was a line. But the food service guy greeted us with a smile, didn't rush us, looked us in the eyes (not only me, but my kids, too), addressed the children when he wanted to know specifics of their orders. It was, truly, service with a smile.

Whether he's a fast-food clerk or a high-power professional, an employee like this deserves recommendation (and a tip)!

Worth it?
Absolutely. I like to imagine these letters being shared not only with the employee in question, but also with the higher ups who might have something to say about his pay (raises?), job position (promotion?) and additional potential kudos.

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