"If there’s a world here in a hundred years, it’s going to be saved by tens of millions of little things. The powers-that-be can break up any big thing they want. They can corrupt it or co-opt it from the inside, or they can attack it from the outside. But what are they going to do about 10 million little things? They break up two of them, and three more like them spring up!"
- Pete Seeger, in YES! Magazine

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Donate Diapers

The project:
Donate diapers to a local family.

15 minutes to deliver

Why bother?
My girls have grown out of the diaper stage [(sniff!) and (thank heavens!)], but we had a little stockpile going here. Today I donated them to another family who's still in the thick of the process, and short on cash.

While I understand disposables wreak havoc on our landfills (and we used cloth for the most part), there are times when disposables are the only reasonable solution. (Ever try a long road trip in cloth diapers? OH! The agony of it!)

Worth it?
Yes - they were thankful; I reclaimed the closet space.

Photo courtesy Sean Dreilinger under Creative Commons license.

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